Foot Of The Mountains vFinal Game APK Download Android Free

Foot Of The Mountains APK Android Free Download Description:

You play as Daniel, who returned home to find his parents murde*red… Not knowing how to handle the situation, he decided to accept the invitation of William, the partner of his father, and thought it’s best for him to move and live with them temporarily until the investigation is done. Unbeknownst to him, moving will lead him closer to finding out the clues of the mu*rder, and maybe finding the love of his life…​

Foot Of The Mountains Version: HolidaysSpecial 2020 Game Features:

  • Game Size: 0.28 GB
  • Developer: SerialNumberComics
  • Version: HolidaysSpecial 2020
  • Updated On: 5 January, 2021
  • Game Status: Finished

Download Foot Of The Mountains For APK Android:

DOWNLOAD (Version Only): LINK

DOWNLOAD (foot Of The Moutains): LINK

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