Download Personal Trainer [v1.0] [Domiek] PC/Android

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Game Description:

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You come home to find your fiancée in bed with another man. This event sparks a downward spiral which eventually leads to you losing your job and the life you’ve created. Fortunately, the generosity of your beautiful cousin (Sophie) provides you refuge in another city. One night, while sleeping on her couch, inspiration arrives from the least likely of places. Under the guise of being g*a*y, you manage to join a gym that’s exclusive to women only. Will you use this opportunity to satisfy the revenge in your heart or will you take the high road instead?

Game Genre:


3DCG, Corruption, Animated, Male protagonist, Cheating, Female domination, Humor, Trap, Interracial, Male domination, Mobile game

Game Features:

Game Size: 0.85 GB
Version: 1.0 Final
Updated On: 30 January, 2021
Developer: Domiek
Game Engine: Ren’Py
Censorship: No
Game Status: Finished
Operating System: Windows, Android, MAC, Linux
Language: English

How to install?

⇒ Extract to the desired location.
⇒ Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Personal Trainer Walkthrough and Guide:

Play it by yourself, I did not find any walkthrough, if you found attach it with a comment box.

Download Personal Trainer Game:

Personal Trainer For PC/Windows/Linux || Alternate Link

Personal Trainer For MAC || WORKUPLOAD || Alternate Link

Personal Trainer For Android (APK) (v0.55) || Alternate Link

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