Top 10 Points On How To Start A YouTube Channel In 2020

Do you want to Start A YouTube Channel In 2021 and want to earn a passive income?
Like every other big YouTuber, you can start a YouTube channel and can earn money. But it is not so easy. Especially for those who do not know How To Start A YouTube Channel.
As a beginner, many people start their own YouTube channel, but due to lack of experience, they are not able to grow their channel properly and then get frustrated.
YouTube is changing its algorithm day by day and only those with talent can grow their channel.

By understanding everything correctly, you can also grow your channel in 2020.
In this article, there are 10 most important points, knowing that you can easily grow your YouTube Channel.

So let’s start.

1. “Identify Your Niche” Select Your Right Niche In Which You are Best.

How To Start A YouTube Channel
“To become a successful YouTuber, creating a channel related to your interest will definitely make you successful.”
Starting a YouTube channel is not a big deal. But you should know what you are best at. Meaning to say what kind of content you want to provide to people. 
For example, if you are the best at Cooking then you should start a Cooking channel and if you are the best at Vlogging, then you should start a Vlogging channel.
Anything, in which you are best, start from.
So the first thing you need to do is to select the Niche you want to associate with your channel. Such as Tech Channel, Cooking Channel, Vlog Channel, Gaming Channel, Entertainment Channel, etc.
Whichever subject you will be good at, you will be able to give your followers a piece of precise information about that subject. This will increase the believe of your followers in you and you will be able to take your channel far ahead.
So, first of all, you have to decide your channel’s Niche.
???? “Choosing the wrong Niche against your interest can be a reason for your downfall.”

2. Using Right Equipment for Editing Video and Audio 

How To Start A YouTube Channel
I hope you have chosen your Niche and now you are ready for further work.
To become a good YouTuber you have to have the right type of equipment. For example, if you want to make Curry, then it is necessary to have spices.
Meaning to say, To put videos on YouTube, you have to improve the quality of your audio and video. If your audio quality is not good then viewers can leave your video. This can have a drastic impact on the growth of your channel.
So if you want to keep your audio quality good then I suggest you , buy a good mic.
Simultaneously, you also take knowledge of video editing.
You can take the knowledge of video editing from YouTube. You will find many such videos on YouTube, which will teach you video editing for free.
After this, you move on to your next step.
???? “Improve your audio and video quality.”

3. Searching ideas for making videos

How To Start A YouTube Channel
You should start putting videos on the Niche you have chosen. If you have any idea about this, you can work on it.
If you do not have any idea, then you can take the idea for your videos from the internet or by watching other videos on YouTube.
Once you have decided on an idea to create your YouTube video, then start working on it.
For example, if you have a Gaming Channel, then you should make videos on the idea that what kind of games is your Audience interested in watching?

4. Make videos on the same Niche, not on the different Niche.

How To Start A YouTube Channel
The thing to keep in mind is that the Niche you are working on,  Make videos on the same Niche, not on that which your channel has no connection with.
For this reason, your channel may have a GRD (Growth Rate Down). Because the person who watches the videos of your Niche, will not have any interest in watching the videos of your other Niche. This will reduce your Views and reduce the Watch Time of your channel.
Therefore, you should make videos only on your Niche.
For example, if you have a Cooking Channel, make only videos related to Cooking, not health.

5. Use the right types of videos and photos.

How To Start A YouTube Channel
If you are giving your subscribers some information on a particular topic, then you must make sure that you use photos and videos related to that topic, not any other kind of photos and videos from which your video, there should be no relation to the topic.
For example, if you are making a video on mobile and you have used photos and videos of a laptop, then this will reduce the interest of the people.

6. Be sure to take feedback of your video from subscribers and also reply to their comments, if possible.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

For a successful YouTube channel, there should be a good relationship between YouTuber and Subscribers. 
If you take feedback from your subscribers about the topic of your videos or the information related to it, then it tells you whether people like your videos or not. Also, you can ask them what kind of video they are interested in.
That way, you don’t have to do much research to make videos. Because your subscribers will tell you the topics for the videos.
So take feedback from your subscribers and answer their questions and comments. This will increase the engagement of subscribers on your channel.

7. Ignore negative comments.

How To Start A YouTube Channel
There are many problems you may face in your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber. Sometimes you can get demotivated by negative comments of some people.
This world is very big and people of all kinds live here. So anyone can comment in any way.

The only way to avoid them is to learn to ignore all these things.

All you have to do is to focus on making your content as good as possible.

8. Upload videos regularly.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

Regularity is the most important thing to grow a YouTube channel.

Meaning that if you upload 2-3 videos a week to your channel, then you should keep this order. It is not that you lose regularity and you start uploading videos in the month instead of the week.

In such a situation, there is a negative impact on the viewer and he starts thinking that videos are late uploaded on this channel and in such a way, his interest is diverted from your channel.

So, keep regularity on your channel and keep informing people about your upcoming videos in your old videos.

9. SEO of your videos.

How To Start A YouTube Channel

The most important thing about a YouTube video is its SEO. You can do everything, but if you do not do proper SEO of your video, then in such a situation your video does not reach more people and it gets fewer Views.

3 things that are important for a proper SEO of YouTube videos-

➝SEO In Title

If you have made a video that is on a particular subject, then you have to give a title to the video that matches the video. So that for whom that video is important, they can understand what that video is about by looking at that title.

For example, if you want to tell people about the features of the laptop, then your title should be something like “Laptop Features”

➝SEO In Tags

Tags make a very significant contribution to a YouTube video. Tags are short keywords that bring your video to the search rankings.

For example, if you want to make a video on this title “How to make Marshmallow”, then you have to put related keywords in the tag list of your video.
Such as marshmallow, sweet, how to make marshmallow, etc.

➝SEO In Description

You can bring your YouTube videos to the search list by doing proper SEO of your YouTube Video Description.

In the description part of the video, keep the details only about the things related to the video, so that whoever watches your video can read the description and understand what the video is about.

10. Some special things you should remember.

How To Start A YouTube Channel
➝Use simple editing software for video editing. Simple Editing Software
In the beginning, you should start with basic editing software like “Window Movie Maker”. Because this software is “easy to use”.
➝Optimize your video properly. Proper Optimization
As soon as you upload your video, immediately after that, you should make YouTube Video’s title, tag and description part SEO friendly.
➝ Prepare an Attractive Thumbnail. Attractive Thumbnail
Thumbnail of the video plays an important role in popularizing a YouTube video. The viewer comes to your video just by looking at the Thumbnail of the YouTube video. So make sure that your Thumbnail is attractive.
⇾ Be active On Social Media
Connect with people on social media like Facebook, Instagram and stay connected with people by sharing photos, videos, etc. about your life.
⇾Analyze other top YouTube videos. Analysis Of Other Top Videos
Analyze such videos on YouTube which are either on top or in trend. Search for their tags. Check out their thumbnails and search for more videos related to them.
⇾Do Research About Your Chosen Topic from YouTube
Before making a video on any topic, first search other videos related to that topic on YouTube. If there are already a lot of videos, then analyze them and provide good content from them.
Keep all these things in mind and become a successful YouTuber in 2021.
(All The Best)