Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Univers

Mysterious Facts About Universe”  friends, as you know, our universe is full of many mysteries. The more we try to know it, the more we get to know about it. Our universe is full of many mysteries and wonders.

Our universe is about 13.8 billion years old and by comparison, our solar system is about 4.6 billion years old.

Today we are going to know about 10 strange facts of the universe, which will surely surprise us.

1. The Universe is expanding through an unknown power.

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

In 1920, a famous astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that our universe is not stable. It is changeful and it is changing all the time. He also told that the universe is constantly expanding itself. In their discovery, it was reported that the speed of its spread is low due to the gravity of the substances present in the universe.

But in the year 1998, it was found that the universe is expanding not because of gravity but because of some unknown power. This power is driving it. This thing remains a mystery for science even today.

2. The universe is completely soundless.

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

You must have read that the medium is needed for sound to be transmitted. We can talk to each other on Earth because here we have a medium.

But have you ever thought about how we can talk in the universe?

Since air is absent in the universe so sound cannot move from one place to another. Sound needs a medium for transmission. Sound is absent in the universe.

Sound is absent in the universe. So it has been proved that we cannot hear the sound in the universe. That is why there is complete silence in the universe at all times.

For this reason, astronauts use radio-waves to talk to each other in space.

3. Diamond Planet

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

There is also a planet in the universe that is made of full diamonds. The name of this planet is Planet 55 Cancri-e and it is located 40 light-years away from Earth. It is 3 times larger than the Earth. Due to the high ratio of carbon and oxygen in it, diamonds are abundant here. This planet was discovered on 30 August 2004.

This planet is called Super-Earth and its mass is 8 times that of Earth.

Think if you get a chance to visit this planet, then what would you choose first. Diamond.. hmm!

4. Alcohol is also found in the universe.

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

Now you will think how can this happen? How can alcohol be found in the universe?

So friends, let me tell you that in our universe there is also a giant ocean of wine in the shape of a giant. This cloud, called Sagittarius B2, is 390 light-years away from the center of our galaxy, made up of ethyl alcohol and this ocean of alcohol is circulating in the universe.

Those who are planning to go to this planet, let me tell them that it is not so easy because this planet is 58 quadrillion miles away.

5.  Height of an Astronaut

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

Do you know that when astronauts travel in space, their length increases by 2 inches? The reason for this is that there is no gravitational force in space, due to which the spinal joints of astronauts become loose and straight and they are 2 inches taller than their normal height.

 6. Color of the sun from space

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

You must have noticed that the sun sometimes appears red, sometimes yellow and sometimes saffron-colored. Actually, the color of the sun is white.

As we know that the atmosphere exists on the earth, when the sunlight enters the atmosphere of our earth, due to the atmosphere, it gets scattered, and we see the sun in red, yellow, and saffron color.

But there is no atmosphere in the universe, due to which we see white sun there.

7. Universe has huge Water Reservoir

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

Friends, there is also a place in our universe where a huge reservoir of water exists. The amount of water in this place is 140 trillion times the amount of water in our oceans.

This place is located near a huge Blackhole “Quasar“. This black hole is 12 billion light-years away from us. However, water is found in the form of water vapor here.

Matt Bradford, a scientist at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said, ” This Quasar black hole is, the atmosphere around it is unique, because of which it generates a huge mass of water around it.”

Water is also present in our galaxy, although this amount of water is 4,000 times less than the Quasar black hole because most of the water in our galaxy is present as ice.

8. The Smell of the Universe

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

The smell of space, can anyone smell the space? So the answer is “Yes”.

The smell of our space is like a hot metal or roasted meat. But why is it, we know that space is a complete vacuum, the reason is that the universe is not completely empty, even in its zero space, some amount of dark matters and some other elements are present?

When astronauts come out of their space-rockets into space, these dark matters cling to their spacesuits and when these astronauts return to Earth, they feel the smell of roasted flesh or hot metal.

9. Universe Stars

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

Some of you must have tried to know at some time, how many total stars are there in our universe.

It is impossible to find the number of stars in the universe because there are innumerable stars in our universe. Every time some star is born and some star ends.

It is also unimaginable to estimate the total number of stars in the universe. It is also not possible to know their figures.

10. Black Hole a Cosmic Demon

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

There is a demon in the universe who is eating everything. The name of this demon is Black Hole. The gravitational force of a black hole is so high that it absorbs everything around it. It is swallowed galaxies.

It also does not allow light to cross through itself. There is a black hole in the middle of our Galaxy Milky Way.

Other Facts of the universe

Top 10 Mysterious Facts About Universe

After every 15 years, the ring of Saturn is not visible from the earth, the reason is that after every 15 years, the Earth, Saturn, and its ring fall into the same plane.

Our Sun can contain more than one million earth.

⇾The Moon is getting away about 1.5 inches from the Earth every year.

If a person steps on the moon, his footprints will remain on the Moon for about 100 million years. Because there is no wind, water, rain, atmosphere, etc. on the moon.

The Universe is very vast and changeful. It is spreading and its center is unknown.


Our universe is vast, and we have got only a few important facts about it. But there are other facts that are waiting to be found. So these were the Top 10 Mysterious Facts Of Universe. 

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