Top 10 Most Famous Ghosts and Witches Of India

List of India’s 10 most famous ghosts and witches. Ghosts and witches are known by different names in India.

Today, I am going to tell you about the 10 most famous ghosts and witches of India.

You must have heard the names of Ghosts and Witches. What comes to your mind after listening to these names?

Ghosts that scare you with a scary face. A Witch whose hair is long and dirty, whose face is quite messy, and has a flying broom in her hand. Right!

There are many scary stories about Ghosts and Witches all over the world, about which you surely know. That’s why you are here.

India is a country where people of different cultures live. Ghosts and Witches are known by different names in these cultures. Today, we will know about the Ghosts and Witches of different areas of India.

1. Bhoot (Ghost)

This name is commonly used for spirits in India.

So what is a Bhoot? A Bhoot is a common term used for the soul which is used by every single person in India. For example, Raju, if you did not do your father’s funeral properly, then your father’s Bhoot will wander and he will never get salvation.

In Hindu culture, it is believed that if a Bhoot is to be pacified, it must be given food. If a person’s ghost gets angry with you for any reason, you can calm him down by feeding him. This process is called “Bhoot Aradhana” Ghost worshipping.

Just as a human is afraid of something, Bhoot is also afraid of something. In many parts of India, it is believed that Bhoots are afraid of iron objects, steel, and water, etc. Bhoots never step into sacred idols and religious places such as temples, mosques, and churches. Hindu culture believes that ” A soul is immortal” it neither destroys nor arises. Meaning that a soul returns to human life after the atonement of its sins and virtues.

2. Pret

Pret is also similar to Bhoot, but it is different from it. Bhoots are souls who do not find a place in heaven or whose funeral is not done properly. But Prets are souls who come from hell. When a person dies, he is punished in hell and is sent to Earth as a Pret.

These souls live on earth for a certain lifespan in the form of Pret. They come to earth to be punished by hell, they never get salvation. If a person does Seven Deadly Sins receive this category. People who do only bad deeds in their life get this category. Prets are always been thirsty and hungry. They are always looking for food and water. But they can never get these things because it is their punishment not to eat anything.

Prets are very dangerous because they can possess the body of any person. Then they can do whatever they want with him. But we can escape from them by performing certain rituals.

3. Chudail (Witch)

It is a term mostly used for the soul of a woman. In India, A Chudail is known by many names, variation in the name of the Chudail can be heard from one area to another, such as Churreyl, Chudail, Chudel, Churail, Cudail or Cudel. All these names of Chudail are most prevalent in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In West Bengal, a state of India, it is known as Petni /Shakchunni.
Regarding the Chudail, people say that it is visible to most people in a white Saree (Indian female attire).

Everyone who has seen it has always said that it is very terrible to see. People also say that it can change its form according to its will. In an instant, it can turn from a terrible old woman to a very beautiful woman. The main reason for turning into a beautiful young lady is to trap its victim, who is mostly a male. Turning itself into a very beautiful lady, it takes men to secluded areas and then kills them or makes them old by sucking their ages.

How does a woman become a Chudail? Well, many people believe that if a woman dies during pregnancy, or during pregnancy, she dies due to suffering at the hands of her in-laws. In such a situation, the woman becomes a Chudail.

If a woman dies before completing her age, she can also become a Chudail.

4. Dayan

Both Chudail and Dayan are quite different from each other. Some people consider these two as one. But it is not so. Chudail is a woman who dies prematurely during pregnancy. The name Chudail came to this world only a few centuries ago. While the Dayan has a history in this world for thousands of years. Dayan has been roaming the earth for thousands of years.

No woman can become a Dayan, because a Dayan is a different kind of creature. Its gender is not known correctly. Dayan can be seen mostly in white or black sarees(clothes). These clothes are very long, the reason is that Dayan’s feet never touch the ground. That’s why Dayan can be seen in long clothes to hide its feet.

Dayan worships “Mother Kaali” (Hindu Goddess) to increase her power. Dayan keeps many kinds of spirits near it. Dayan specializes in black magic. Dayan lives in forests away from most of the population, so that it can do its work(black magic) in peace.
Since Dayan is very powerful and is a great devotee of Mother-Kaali, due to which only Siddha Sadhus or Aghori (Priest) can control it.

Dayans are very wretched. It brings trouble. Once it starts following you, it ruins you and your family.

5. Badka

Badka is the ghost of a dead person, whose soul wanders especially in the jungles. It is a ghost whose entire body looks like a skeleton. If you compare it to something, then it is very similar to a Zombie.
This is a very dangerous ghost, if you face it, there will be no one more unfortunate than you.

But there are some things, by which you can save your life from this evil force. If it is visible to you, then get straight out without looking at it. While doing this you do not have to look into his eyes at all. If God is pleased then you will be saved. Otherwise, it will make you its prey.

The most terrible thing about Badka is that it kills its victim with great cruelty. It eats the flesh of the victim’s body. The most frightening thing is that it does not leave you until it catches you. But it threatens you as long as you are inside the forest. Once you come out of the forest, it can do nothing for you.

But it happens very rarely that anyone is left out of its clutches.

6. Nishi Daak

Nishi Daak means the ghost of the night, Nishi Daak is the spirit who calls people at night in the voice of their family members. It is a very dangerous soul. It was first encountered in Bengal, where it is called Nishir Daak or night-calling spirits.

Nishi Daak never appears clearly to its prey. It is always seen standing in a dark place, or it is visible on a moonless night. It calls its victim in the voice of its family members. And by subduing them, it takes them to a secluded area and then ends their life. The killings done by Nishi are quite strange and no one can find out how all these happened.

But there is also a way to escape from it. If someone calls you in the middle of the night and that voice is just like any of your family members, then do not open the door until the sound is repeated 3 to 4 times. Because Nishi only calls 3 to 4 times. Many people believe that if a dead person’s funeral doesn’t do properly, then he becomes a Nishi.

7. Nale Ba (Come Tomorrow)

Nale Ba This word means “Come Tomorrow”.

There is a creepy story behind this word, which was very much discussed in Karnataka in the year 1990.

It is somewhat similar to Nishi Daak.

The story was about a witch who roamed the streets at night. It used to knock on the doors of people’s houses. It used to ask people to open the door in the voice of their acquaintance or family members. She used to search for men, she used to call them in the voice of his mother or his wife. If the man came out after hearing the voice, the witch would kill him in the next 24 hours.

People were so scared of all this that they even stopped going out of the house at night.

People found a solution for this thing, they wrote “Nale Ba” on the door of every house, which means “Come Tomorrow”. After reading this, the witch left the homes of people without doing anything. Gradually, everyone started doing this and after this, the incident of knocking on the door stopped.

Every year on the 1st of April, this event was celebrated as” Nale Ba Day ” in Karnataka.

8. Chalawa (Shapeshifting Ghost)

Chalawa is also a kind of ghost, but it is not an ordinary ghost. It is a ghost that can take the form of any animal or human being. This ghost is known as Chalawa in many parts of India. It is believed that Chalawas are the souls who neither find a place in heaven nor in hell.

It is said that it is found only in dark places. Mostly in villages, because there are fewer facilities for electricity. In many areas of the villages, people have been confronted with Chalawa. It is said that no matter how much Chalawa can change itself. But it can be identified. Whenever you face Chalawa, you look into its eyes. If it is Chalawa, it will not be able to see directly in your eyes. At that time, it will always be seen looking somewhere else.

There are many types of Chalawa. Some Chalawas are very powerful, which can kill us. Some Chalawas are less powerful, from which we can protect ourselves.

9. Brahmarakshas

In Hinduism, dead souls are divided into several parts according to their Karma such as Bhoot, Pret, Pishach, and Brahmarakshas.
One of these souls is Brahmarakshas. This name is made up of two words, the first Brahma which means Brahmin (priest), and the second Rakshas meaning demon.

Brahmarakshas is the soul, which has the qualities of both Brahmins and demons (good & bad).

When a Brahmin or a learned person attains premature death, he becomes a Brahmarakshas. Such people who despite being highly knowledgeable and misusing their knowledge, they become Brahmarakshas.

In such a situation, that person becomes very powerful. It is said that it’s very difficult to escape from a Brahmarakshas. If a person falls under its grip, then that person only saves when it wants to.
All the Tantras and Mantras (rituals) on it prove to be useless. Only those who regularly recite the Lord and visit the temple can escape from Brahmarakshas. Only those who have full faith in God can escape from it. This action is known as “Bhagmati Vidya”.

If Holi Geeta is recited around them, then they can be liberated. Statues and temples of Brahmarakshas can be seen in Maharashtra and Kerala in the south of India.

10. Jinn

Jinn, this name is very prevalent in the Muslim religion. In the Muslim religion, ghosts are known as Jinn. In this religion, it is believed that there are two types of jinn, one is the jinn that helps others. Such Jinn gives a lot of money and strength to people. At times, it is also heard that there is a Jinn with the person, who has made him rich.

Others are jinn, who only hurt others. These are called bad jinns.

There are also many types of Jinns. But there are three main among them.

(i) Marid Jinn

This jinn is the most powerful Jinn. He considers himself above humans. They have magical ability, due to which if it comes under your control, then they can fulfill your wish. These Jinns live in another world and from there they come to our earth occasionally. It is very terrible in appearance and large in size.

(ii) Shaitaan

Yes, this is also a kind of Jinn. They have such powers, by which they can control a person’s brain according to their own and use them to do wrong things. You must have heard that there is a Satan in every human being.

(iii) Ifrit

This is also a very powerful Jinn. It lives on the earth with us and it can make relationships with both its species and humans.

They increase their tribe and it is also believed that they drink the blood of humans. It is very difficult to kill them. But they can be killed with the help of Black Magic. People believe that when these Jinns are small(baby), they can be killed easily.

These Jinns live with us, but we do not recognize them. Because they live in the human form.

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