Top 10 Weirdest Addiction – Do You Have it?

Top 10 Weirdest Addiction – Do You Have it?


Top 10 Weirdest Addiction


How extreme can an addiction go? These people with the strangest addiction think that cigarettes, marijuana, and drugs are just overrated. Here they are:
1. Plastic Surgery


Alicia Duvall’s record Plastic Surgery


There are lots of people who go into the cosmetic surgery and some may even consider it an obsession but it’s just hard to beat Alicia Duvall’s record. She grew up believing that she is ugly as her dad told her so. Though she became a model and became quite popular later she still felt the need to change something in her appearance. She was never contented of 1, 2, or 3 surgeries; she went under the knife for 350 times. She even came to a point where she is always in pain that she can’t do anything but stay at home and lay in her bed. Good thing her daughter woke her up from her obsession.
2. Reading Addiction


weirdest addiction reading addiction


One way or another, one reads or has read a book. There are even people whom we call bookworms but they are not close to “reading addicts”. They can’t stop themselves from reading constantly in order to escape from reality. There are even cases where one is unable to sleep due to reading habits and some who even stopped working to feed the addiction.
3. Cigarette Eating
You might have seen chain smokers eat their cigarette butts after smoking or at least I saw someone in person who does this. He realized that he had lighted his last stick and so after smoking the stick away, he chewed on the butt. For real. Scanning the internet, there were stories about people who eat their cigarettes instead of smoking them, the extent of nicotine addiction.
4. Compulsive Lying
Admit it, sometimes we do lie. Oftentimes it is a white lie though it still is lying. However, there is excessive lying that is considered a mental illness. These people just say lies without any reason. Just lying for lying’s sake.
5. Funerals
A Brazilian man named Luis Squares is experiencing this unusual phenomenon. He admitted having attended all the funerals in his town in the past 20 years. The addiction started with his father’s death, after that he listens to the radio for any funeral announcement. If he doesn’t hear any, he calls the funeral home, the morgue or the hospital. He came to a point where he has to quit his job to feed his “funeral addiction”. This is considered a mental illness and needs to be treated but a local funeral representative stated that Luis needs no therapy as everyone expects to see him in funerals.
6. Eating Hair
It’s also called Trichophagia – the eating of long hair while it is still attached to the scalp. One may eat her own hair or somebody’s hair too which may be found in combs and hairbrush. While this is considered unhygienic (to put it mildly) it can also be considered very hazardous to health. One teenager from the Philippines who has this addiction at a young age has accumulated a mass of hair in her stomach that she needs to undergo surgery to remove it.
7. Addicted to Creating Lists
No, not me though this blog really is about top 10, top 5 lists. The list we mean here are grocery lists, bucket lists, to-do lists, events lists, lovers lists, outfit lists, names lists, movie lists, book-I’ve-read lists… you get what I mean.
8. Grinding Teeth Against Nails
There are people who felt the need to grind their teeth against their nails. Not the usual nail chewing though but rather the sliding of fingernails back and forth and creating a sound. This is an uncontrollable habit that gets more extreme during stressful times. The people around the person find this annoying and bothersome.
9. Eating Deodorant
In the TV show “My Strange Addiction” Nicole, a 19-year old girl was featured to be addicted to deodorants. Of course, everyone might be using it but not the way Nicole does. She EATS deodorants. She can’t stop herself from doing so that even in the morning, after waking up, she has the urge to eat does. What does she feel when she is eating one? She stated that it has a unique taste and it just so soft that it melts in her mouth. She prefers the spray one too. She has been experiencing memory loss which is the adverse effect of her addiction.
10. Staring at the Clock


weirdest addiction staring at the clock


Those working from 9-5 who might be bored with their work, have other plans after work or just excited after long hours of work, have the tendency to look at the clock. This shows restlessness and excitement for some, but for John Simons from Canada, it has become an obsession. He is always drawn to clocks. He said he is hypnotized by it and brings one with him wherever he goes.
Do you think you have an addiction that is just weird? Share it with us by leaving your comment below.