1000+ Amazing and Interesting Random Facts – Top10 Contents

Top 1000+ Amazing Random Facts

Amazing Random Facts
This is a great collection of more than 1000+ Random Facts, in which you will get to read the interesting facts of every kind of subject. Every day or every week, amazing new facts will be added to this series, and efforts will be made to make it even more entertaining and knowledgeable.
1.Watching TV

Watching TV random facts
Americans spend more time watching T.V. than other people in the world. If its average is calculated, then every American watches 4.5 hours of TV per day.
Along with this, 4 out of every 5 Americans have appeared on TV Somehow.
2.Killer Bees
Killer Bees random facts
Killer Bees is not natural Killer Bees. Rather, scientists used the cross-breeding method on Western and African bees to increase honey production, after which Killer Bees was born. But they escaped from the scientists’ research center in 1957 and after which they spread to North America and South America.
Killer Bees are so dangerous that once they started following you, they follow you about half a kilometer. Over 1000 people have died in the world due to Killer Bees.
3. Jellyfish evaporates in sun-light.
Jellyfish random facts

 Do you know if a Jellyfish goes into the sun-light, it can evaporate, because 98% of its body is made up of liquid? So if the Jellyfish goes into the sun, it will evaporate as its body is made of liquid only.

4. Depression can kill Elephants.
elephants random facts
The elephant is an emotional animal that keeps remembering even very old things. When one of its close ones dies, it also dies due to their grief. Because then it stops eating and drinking and sits at a specific place, due to which it goes into depression state and then it dies.
5. Research has explained that women around the world earn around 18 trillion US dollars a year and these women spend around 28 trillion US dollars in shopping. Where do 10 trillion US dollars come from?
6. Russia is such a big country that it can accommodate the planet Pluto within, but if we talk about its population, its population is extremely less than even the population of Bangladesh.
7. In Norway, there is a town known as Hell and in winter, this town is as inaccessible as hell. Because in wintertime everything freezes here. Its special thing is that there is not a single church in it. This means that it can, in truth, be hell. just kidding.
8. A special thing about casinos is that they do not put clocks in their casinos. So that all the gamblers who gamble with them are not able to know the time and they keep playing and only playing. But nowadays, everyone has watches and mobiles available, so I don’t think one has any option to see the time. But the gamblers are gamblers, they want to play even without looking at the time.
9. Not a single vegetable or fruit in the world is of blue color and even blueberry is not blue but it is purple in color.

10. There is also a tree in the world that gives 7 kinds of fruits and this tree is called The Fruit Salad Tree.

11. why the Moon and the Sun look the same (in size) from the Earth?

On seeing the Sun and the Moon from the Earth both look the same in shape. The main reason for this is that the Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon and the Moon is 400 times closer to the Earth. That is why both of them appear to be the same size. It is just like that if you stand a small height man near the camera and a man of a high height stand away from the camera, then both look the same in height.

12. The engine of the BMW-M5 is so calm that they have to use the speaker for its voice. In this way, they use the speaker to make the engine sound full.