20 Facts About Monkeys Why They Are So Cool

20 Facts About Monkeys Why They Are So Cool

Facts About the Monkeys

Facts About Monkeys Why They are So Cool You all know that the monkey is our ancestor. What a cool animal it is, herd dweller, habitant on forests and trees. Today, we will know some very interesting facts about these Cool animals.

1. Monkeys belong to a pair of Hellenic group of primates and are commonly called “dry-nosed” primates.

2. Around the world, there are over 264 species of monkeys.

3. Monkeys can be divided into two groups, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys.

4. Depending on the species, the lifespan of a monkey is 10 to 15 years.

5. The habitats of monkeys can include grasslands, high plains, trees and forests.

6. Monkeys eat fruits, flowers, leaves, small insects, eggs, and some species, even eat small animals.

7. The brain of a monkey is very highly developed and has an IQ of 174 which is highly intelligent.

8. Monkeys do not eat the skins of bananas they peel the skins of their bananas.

9. Monkeys have flat noses, good vision with eyes that face forward and have long legs and arms that are flexible so that they can climb with them.

10. One main difference between apes and monkeys is that monkeys usually have tails and apes have no tails.

11. A group of monkeys is called Troop, Tribe, or Mission. 

12. A baby monkey is called an infant, and they often carry their young on their backs or around their necks.

13. The smallest species of monkey is Pygmy Marmoset and the largest species of monkey is Mandrill.

14. Monkeys express affection and make peace with others by grooming each other.

15. Head bobbing, grinning, pulling the lip and yawning are some signs of aggression in Monkeys.

16. Monkeys are loud, very loud. You can hear the booming sound of monkeys from about one mile away.

17. Diseases that can spread from monkeys to humans include Ebola Restin, Yellow Fever, or Tuberculosis.

18. Monkeys also have their own unique set of fingerprints, just like humans do.

19. Some religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, considered the monkey to be a divine entity. For a reincarnation of God.

20. A major threat to monkeys is the loss of habitat. Many habitats are getting smaller and smaller because of all the trees getting cut down.

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